Friday, August 5, 2011

Mega Ultra-Metal Super-Medical Somewhat Relevant Update: Roadtrip and Cetera

Oh my - long time no update...

[deep, deep inhale]

Days 2-5 of roadtrip were sweet, stopped in Kansas City, Chicago, Eerie(ish), Niagara Falls (Holy Strip-mall Trash-heap Tourist-trap Batman!), and then arrived at our new home in [super-secret New Englad college town] where we got our new home set up and Heavy Metal Vixen got situated with her med school stuff at [ultra-anonymous med school in said super-secret college town] and then we drove north to see my fam which was awesome and then we drove back and now I am flying back to the Southwest to finish up my job and our lease and now I am sitting around like a chode in the wind waiting for my 3 hour layover to be done, full stop.

[deeeep inhale]

Yes. I have been writing many many secondary essays for the application process, which sucks. I have a tendency towards run-on sentences; the above paragraph-sentence should have gotten most of that out my system. I've been editing those out of my secondaries all day. And now. My sentences. Are. Much. Shorter.

Leeet's see what else is huge going on...

Well, in the world of metal, Trivium's ridiculous new album In Waves is about to drop, so I'm saving up all my tooth fairy money for that. If you have any love at all for metal (and why wouldn't you?), watch this music video, it's super cool.

Also, in case it wasn't clear, I am moving back to [anonymous New England college town in New England] at the end of August. I will live with the HMV, apply to schools, and work. It will be sweet. But also [dum da-da daaaahhh] I will be starting a new metal band! Who wants to play with me? If you do and you live in...the...Boston environs...or anywher kind of near there...hit me up. :) Sweet anonymity-save Axl!

As of this 5th day of this month August, I am announcing the start of a fabulous new sweepstakes super-competition! If you don't win this competition, your head will almost certainly explode due to the crushing pressure of defeat at having NOT won the incredible prize on offer. Here's the skinny:

Axl Rose's Mega-Metal Ultra-Music-Like Somewhat-Medical Bingo Sweepstakes Competition!

I challenge you, yes YOU, gentle reader, to come up with a sweet name for my new band that will form shortly. All lame entries will be labelled "Lame" and posted on this blog. Then I will probably send you a bag of Bobbins's poop in the mail. But oh! if you send me an awesome band name, it shall be labeled "Metal" and posted on this blog. And at the end of August, the most metal, most clever, most sexy, most head-swellingly awesome band name shall be picked (either by me or by popular vote), and it shall become the actual In Real Life band name of my band. And maybe I will send you a fabulous prize (or potentially a bag of Bobbins's poop)! Void where prohibited. Yeah, I'm talking to you South Dakota. Don't even try it.

That is all for now gentle reader. Excuse the long silence - secondaries have genuinely ruined all aspects of my life: my TV watching is non-existent, my drinking is severely sub-alcoholic, and my free time index is in the toilet. But I am aaaalmost done with secondaries, at which point you can expect a deluge of tasty tasty treats.

[Cretit to for cat poop pic, hehe]

P.S. I totally forgot - I became obsessed with this vid over the past week. I normally do not proscribe non-metal videos and/or music, but this is the most metal non-metal video I have ever seen! Enjoyez-vous:

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