Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Holy F*(&$h#T Batman!

Wow. When it rains, it effin' innundates me in a shitstorm of ridiculousness.

(deep inhale)

Yesterday I spent 8 hours on 3 planes to go 800 miles on a trip that should have taken me 2 hours on 1 plane had it not been for bad weather on my layover and then I got home at 2am, slept for 5-6 hours, then went to the cat boarding house to pick up Bobbins Chookums Magellan Mouse-Destroyer 3000 so that they wouldn't charge me a whole nother day of rent and then I turned around and went straight to work where I found that I was late for my phone appointment with the dean of admissions at University of Derp-derpistan so I called her and apologized profusely and had a good discussion about how sad my previous application was and how I promised that this one would rock her balls off and then I went back up to my lab and did an experiment and while the experiment was going I completed two out of the 16 trillion secondary applications that were sent to me over the long weekend and now I am doing another experiment and then I will go home and show the piano to a potential buyer and then finish up two more secondary apps that were due in 42 BC and then I will poop and then I will do laundry and shower because I smell like a fart because I havent had time to clean myself from the 8 hours of travel yesterday.


I need some down time. If the weekend comes at the end of this week, then I will sleep...


  1. welcome to the first day of the rest of your life. med school isn't any better especially during the micro, path, pharm, immunology shitstorm at the beginning of 2nd year if you go to school with a traditional curriculum.

  2. Right on - learn to love the shitstorm. Frolic in the shitstorm :)