Saturday, August 6, 2011

Will Shred for Cash

I have decided that this might be a good time in my life to go busking (apparently not everyone knows what busking is (het-hem HMV) - its when you play music on the streets for change). But I feel that busking has been done seven ways to Sunday. Every Dick Joe and Harry and his uncle has set the guitar case open and played some lame song after lame song. Not me - I'm going to make busking sexy.

1) Albums. The HMV has this terrible, terrible habit of never listening to a whole song all the way through, let alone a whole album. I on the other hand like to sit down and listen to a whole album. So I thought, how awesome would it be if a busker just played a whole album all the way through?! So that's what Ima do. I'm thinking I'll start with Appetite for Destruction by GnR, Skid Row by Skid Row, and maybe Master of Puppets by Metallica. Sweet.

2) Signs. "Donations Accepted", "Need Cash", "Thanks for you help". Know what I say to those signs? Yaaaaaaaawwnn zzzzzzz. I will have signs that change every day. And they will be sick. "Donations Accepted for legal defense fund", "Need cash for Lobster Dinner", "Thanks for supporting alcoholic musician bums". Boo yah bee-otch.

3) Parties. Where Axl busks, the party follows. I will recruit local musicians to come play with me, and I'll get my band to come out and play acoustic sets that are still totally metal.

Plan complete.

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