Sunday, November 20, 2011

All the f-ing time in the world

Today is Sunday. Next Thursday is Thanksgiving. I would kill and eat the turkey with my bare hands if I could just hear SOMETHING by thanksgiving. Like, honestly, at this point, a rejection would be better than just waiting and waiting and waiting... It's inhuman is what it is. When I have my own med school, we will meet right after we've interviewed the applicants, decide within 24 hours (because it's not like you are waiting on new information at that point!), and then send notification within 4-5 days of the interview. I mean, really, why does it have to be 6-to-8-to-26 weeks? rrrgls. UVA actually notifies applicants within like a week of their interview. How reasonable - if only some of the schools I interviewed at had as much humanity!

It's just driving me nuts - either my life will be set on a really cool and rewarding course, or else I have to start from square one and figure out wtf I will do with my time on this little rock hurtling through space.

Ugh... yup pretty much going crazy. Creative/enlightening/hilarious blog posts will resume when my mind is not in a constant state of suspended torment.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wait (More) Like a Boss

My apologies for the long absence. Things have been very much in limbo since I completed my last med school interview. I am, in essence, working and waiting. But I am determined to wait like a boss! So far, I have not heard anything, good or bad, from any of the schools. I suppose that, as they say, no news is good news, but it is frustrating to have to wait for decisions (having waited to GET interviews) (having waited to GET secondaries) (having waited to GET MCAT scores) (etc)...

But I suppose this is as good a chance as any to recap what has gone on up to this point:

1) I f-ed up my college transcript with shitty grades, due to a lack of effort (or at least, a lack of effort in class. I put plenty of effort in to my guitar skills!). That was circa 2007.

2) I went out in to the real world (NYC) and got reamed by life/ my terrible job/ being poor/ trying to be a musician.

3) I rebooted my life. Left NYC and moved to Philly where I got a master's degree in biotechnology (and got reamed by student loans). Applied to med school unsuccessfully (sort of). Met my woman in Philly, and we moved to...

4) The Desert Southwest. Had a great year working in a lab. Retook the MCAT and pwned it. Reapplied to med school.

5) Got 6 interviews. Moved to New England.

Which brings us to today. The interviews occurred between 1 and 8 weeks ago. And now, we wait...

Also, I have been playing a lot of guitar again. Listening to lots of music, including:

Alter Bridge: AB III
Protest the Hero: Scurrilous
Winger: Karma
Mr. Big: What If?

So yeah... I haven't gotten in to med school yet, but I am close.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Interviews done...Hammerzeit

Today I completed my last med school interview - and I am quite relieved. It has been a crazy month, and now I have 6 interviews behind me. Did I nail the interviews? Will I get an offer of admission? Should I have offered my body to the interviewers? (and if not, oops)

I have no effing idea, but now there is nothing more I can do - and that's a good thing. Pressure is off. I might possibly get a couple more interviews later this year, but for now, the die is cast. I sit, and I get really really good at waiting.

Although I am somewhat exhausted from all the travel/working full time/working my other job, I will share one quick story from my interview today.

I was at the school in Boston(ish...), and the interview was in the dreaded Massively Multiplayer Interview format where you have like 10 interviews, each of them 10 minutes long, and each involving some role-playing or ethical dilemma or philosophical question etc.

So one of the interviewers was this guy who was pretending to be a patient telling me his history, and every 2 minutes, he'd pause and ask me to recount as many details from the story as I could. I rocked the first two minutes, and did pretty good in the next couple minutes, and then basically deteriorated from there. By the end I was totally information-overloaded, and couldn't retain anything he told me.

Him: "OK, go ahead and tell me what you remember from that last section of my patient history."

Me: "Ummmm... pretty sure you said something about...words...and there was had some coughing and pain in your...balls? And/or face."

The following comic perfectly expresses how I felt that interview ended perfectly. Enjoyez-vouz. (P.S. @HeavyMetalVixen, don't worry, this is almost entirely a dramatization for entertainment purposes only, and actually I think the interview went very well overall).