Thursday, March 8, 2012

Radio Silence

S'up Y'all!

So, there has been some SEVERE radio silence on my part for a couple of... er... a long-ass time. The reason for this is that I have been abducted by aliens and carried off to their homeworld. It has been really hard finding an internet connection here, but I finally found a cafe with some decent wifi, and thought I better check in.

The latest goings on:

1) Med school. It is starting in 5 months. Where will I be matriculating? I don't know yet. I have an acceptance at a Boston School, but I am waiting to hear from one other school that I am very interested in. Until that all shakes out, I am...

2) Still working at the Filthy Gunslinger: Cafe and Male-Strippery. Work is fine but boring as hell. I feel like I am just killing time, but as far as killing time goes, you could do worse I suppose. As an aside, one of the coffees we serve at the Filthy Gunslinger is called Vanilla Nut Cream. Most of us call it "va-NILLA nut cream", but one of the guys there called it "va-nilla NUT CREAM", and it was funny...

3) Facebook. I was one of the first 1000 people on it back when it started (2003-ish?). I am a pioneer damn it! But essentially since I signed up, I was never really in to it. In the last week, I found that actually, Facebook can be kind of cool. I've been in touch with old friends that I have ignored for a long time, and I am meeting new friends who are also heading to med school in the Fall. So that's cool.

Other than that all and getting abducted by aliens who want to probe my tender bottom, there has really not been much going on, hence the radio silence.


That is all about to change. Well, not right away, but soon. Because soon I will be introducing my Brand-Spanking-New Blog-About-Being-A-Real-Ass-Med-Student-Blog!! (That's "REAL-ass med student", not "real ASS-Med student"...words, hehe)

I look forward to you looking forward to reading about my misadventures in med school. Until then, hold on to your butts, cause it's going to be bedlam baby!

P.S. The Mona Lisa above is holding the (almost) exact guitar that I play! A seven-string Ibanez! Woot!