Thursday, August 18, 2011

Karma, thou art a saucy bitch

Karma is a bitch, Newton's third law reigns supreme, and the Ying-yang twins creep me out a little bit.

This morning, I got an email telling me that my bank account got overdrafted. This happened because the geniuses at Comcast told me they were going to do one thing and then did another. Comcast is officially a choad. Is that libelous? I hope so. Come get some Comcast.

Anyways, literally two minutes after I received that gem of an email, I got another email from a medical school in the midwest inviting me to interview. SUCK THAT COMCAST! The hypocratic oath be damned - when the CEO of Comcast comes in to my OR, there might be a little accident. "Oh you wanted your appendix removed? So sorry, what a mix up! That word, "appendix", it does sound so much like the word "hand" doesn't it? It's funny how sometimes people tell you they will do one thing and then end up doing an entirely different thing..."

Anyways, no, I will not hurt people when I am a doctor. Today is a good day, overall! Onwards and upwards. My interview will be in September, and I shall duly report the experience.

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