Saturday, July 23, 2011

Totally Metal Pre-med Road Trip Woooo! Day 1

Today was the first day of the rest of our lives. I suppose that applies to the day before that, and tomorrow, but you know... there you have it. We left our old home in the Great American Southwest, and headed east. It was hot as balls, but we were not to be repelled by the Southern Plains.

Today, we saw corn. A. Lot. Of. Corn. And wheat, and cows. And hay. The cows smelled cow-like.

Then we went to a Wal Mart in Kansas. Hilarious. Get your groceries, your playstation 3 games, and your 55 caliber anti-aircraft gun ammunition.

My co-pilot Bobbykins worked very hard. He guarded the area near my thigh tirelessly. Or is that tiredly?

Tonight we are in Dodge City, and we ate steaks made out of the cows that we've been seeing all day. They were delicious!! And now we are going to sleep.

Photo credits: Heavy Metal Vixen
Bodyguarding credits: Bobbins

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  1. Your cat looks so adorably cozy on your car. All my pets would just barf and whine whenever we took them for a drive. After typing that, I realize that sounds like me as a young child