Thursday, August 9, 2012





So classes haven't even started yet - it's just orientation, and already I am reeling.  It's madness. Where do I even begin...

OK so yesterday, here is an account of my lunch:

I sprinted home, made some pasta, then ate, pooped, and wrote emails virtually at the same time.  I didn't have time to finish my lunch (poop took priority), and then I bolted back to school.

And HERE is a lovely account of my dinner:

I drove home, changed my clothes, ran in to the kitchen and literally just stuffed as many cold tortellinis in my mouth as I could, and ran out the door.  By the time I had chewed and swallowed my dinner, I was half-way back to school.

Yeah.  This shit is crazy!  This is literally, literally, the first consecutive hour in a row that I have had to "relax".  For your reading pleasure, the following is an account of the highlights of med school orientation so far:

1) My class is severely alcoholic.  Now don't get me wrong, I am a partaker, and I HAVE had times in my life where I was partying harder, but only marginally.  If at all.  Every single night so far, there has been a blinding bacchanalian bender at the graduate housing.  Like, total madness.  I have slept no more than 5 hours a night since last saturday night.  And I'm not even getting blind drunk cause I have to drive home, but it's just crazy good times!

2) Med school emails.  Are you serious right now?  My inbox is just groaning under the weight of the med school emails.  I am seriously getting 3-4 an hour all day.  And all of them have important shit in them.  So I actually have to read them.  And do I look like I can read?  C'MON!

3) Team building exercises.  I have never done these before, but we were out on a ropes course in small groups, and I gotta say, it was super sweet.  My team and I totally sucked - we didn't get over the wall, we didn't make it across the rope swing, but we had a blast not winning.  We were definitely the best, most awesome team at not winning.  But in all seriousness, I think I got really lucky with my group - no weirdos, no chodes, no d-bags.  Pretty awesome.

4) Med school is going to be hard.  Like, actually, seriously hard.  Like, I-accidentally-mainlined-40-cc's-of-cialis hard.   There is going to be just... so much material... so much.

5) Med students are, for the most part, a cool bunch.  Scientists, but not nerds.  All types really.  My class has a ridiculous variety of people in it, and everybody is brillianter than me, but that's fine, I can shred circles around them haha!

OK- that's all for now.  I have a couple of precious hours to get my life in order.  I have been totally ignoring my laundry, my dishes, my cat, my hygiene, and pretty much everything else.

Wow dude.  Here we go.  Liftoff.

Sunday, August 5, 2012