Tuesday, May 3, 2011

And by Monday...

I of course meant Tuesday.

The interruption in production of poignant and hilarious metical school (yes, metical) application process updates was brought to you by the letter F. Due to lax security, Axl's anonymity was threatened and indeed breached. This made Axl sad, because the glorious thing about anonymity is that you can say whatever the hell you want without repercussions. Without that anonymity, I can't be as honest or nearly as hilarious as I actually am. In meatspace, I am just a person with regular obligations and with people around me who would be shocked at the semi-fictional life of the character Axl Rose who is the author of this blog. The meat of the stories on here are all true. The claims about sex, drugs, and/or rock and roll are nunayabizness, false, and true, respectively. To the party or parties that caused this breach accidentally, all is forgiven, just don't let it happen again! The situation has been contained.

With that out of the way, my MCAT results come back in a week! The AMCAS application system opens any day now! It's all happening now folks. And, thanks to the anonymity granted by the internet, I will be happy to share with you my MCAT scores, my grades, and updated drafts of my personal statement (see draft 1 and draft 2).

It's going to be a bumpy-ass ride, so strap your ass to something and hold on!


  1. Well darn it. I enjoy your blog, but admittedly have never tried to search out your real identity. I'm not a stalker.

  2. I appreciate that, really I do :)