Friday, May 13, 2011

Too much $hit

Yup, that's me. I'm the ass trying to carry too much stuff. Also, the title of this post reflects the state of affairs in my house last week. Specifically in my bathroom last week. While I was at home, ill. Yeah, now you got it.

Oh yeah, so it was my Berfday this past week! I had an awesome one, mostly because of a) sweet gifts, b) a sweet MCAT score, and c) awesome microbrews.

The application process has begun in earnest, which means that I am starting to get even busier than I already was. Right now, I am trying to get my personal statement together whilst editing a paper that I am trying to submit to a scientific journal for publication. All in all, it's truly going to be a bumpy-ass ride (made just a little smoother by my 36). But whatever, if I get where I'm trying to go this year, well, that'll be the tits.

P.S. You all correctly guessed my MCAT score in the poll, on average! To the doubters who voted that I would get less-than-32, I say nany-nany-boo-boo. To the lovely people who voted that I would get more-than-37, I say thanks for your vote of confidence, and if I had not gone down a point in verbal I would have had it! Not that I'm complaining :) To the person who voted that I would score some blow on my MCAT, grow up dude. This is a high-brow blog for high-brow, serious, serious people. We only discuss serious internets business on here.

Cause that's what you all have come to expect of me...

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  1. Happy belated birthday! I wish I had some sweet microbrews about now...I'm a big fan of IPAs. Alas, I'm trying to clean up the diet as it were for a little. Gotta get my beach body ready for Ross. ;)