Thursday, April 14, 2011

First Draft of my PS!

Here is a rough draft of my personal statement - tell me what you think! It's not even finished, so you know, don't be too harsh. I'm pretty happy with it tho. Anyways:

My Personal Statement

Twas the night before Helloween
Oh a night so forlorn
When the world gave a shiver
As Axl was born.

Or rather it'd be
More appropriate to say
He rocked his way out
Of his mom's V-jay-jay

Had the world ever seen,
Could it even had known
Such a metal-ass baby
So bad to the bone?

Forsooth! He was rockin
And as he grew strong
All the girls wanted to jump on
His fourteen inch...blinding intellect

And all of the boys
And men of the court
Inquired of Axl
Why they came up short

"You need much more gusto"
Said Axl with glee,
"You're just not that metal,
Not as metal as me!"

When Axl grew up
Around age fifteen
He hied from his home
Aboard the Mississippi Queen

With nothing but talent
And his old guitar
He knew beyond doubt
That he would go far

Then all of a sudden
For no reason whate'r
He figured a change
Was thick in the air

Why yes, it's obvious
Easy to see!
I ought not play gee-tar
I ought to MD!

Then Axl submitted
His AMCAS on time
Which brings us to
This very PS, in rhyme!

And so, Mr. Adcom
(Or Missus or Miss)
I think you will see
Once you have read this,

That I am indeed
the e-pi-to-mee
Of everything that
A good doctor should be

I'm gentle and caring
And handsome and fair
And metal and rockin'
With flaxen blond hair

Got flair, got style,
Got a mile long hose.
So please admit me,

Axl Rose


  1. Bravo! You have my vote. How long did that take? Would have taken me at least two application cycles worth to craft that. :P

  2. This took a good half hour while waiting for my Western Blot to fail again! Damn touchy.

  3. Awesome. What more can be said?

  4. Love the part about the 14" member. I so wish you'd include that in your real personal statement. Imagining the reaction of the adcom is almost enough to make it worth it.

  5. love it! needs no edits, send as is :)

  6. Awesome brah, awesome :)

    Good luck waiting for the MCAT. That's one hell of a piece of shit son of a bitch I tell you.

  7. Any med school which wouldn't give you automatic admission for that PS isn't worth attending ;)

  8. I know, right? It's unique, and it's got balls. If I read it as an adcom, I'd fly me out, give me an admission letter, and a big effin prize :)