Sunday, April 3, 2011

There Will Be Ramen (and an end to E-titled posts)

Oops, we po agin!

Such is the life of a pre-med who is dating another pre-med who are both post-grads in a $hitty economy. Oh well. We get by.

In other news, I scored 38, 40, 35 in my last three full-lengths, which is crazy awesome. I was hoping for >33 when I started studying 6 months ago. Now I am still hoping for >33, but I know that I can get >35 on the real thing, and if I did that, then I would almost definitely get in to some med school the second time round (i.e. this time). One week left to D-day.

Listening to: Devildriver this weekend. Forgot how awesome they were - time to shake all that Steel Panther out of my limited-capacity brain.

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