Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ahh the afterglow...

The countdown has ended, d-day has has come and gone, I have serviced my Mega Crap-Ass Test, and I have done the walk of shame.

Triage: It went well, I think... Physics went better than usual, verbal was verbal, and bio was harder than usual. Guessing worst case = P10, V11, B10. Guessing best case = P13, V13, B12. SO somewhere between 31-38. Very informative, I know. You'll just have to tune in on May 10th to find out more...

Today: Enjoying my freedom. Sitting around, listening to Crusade by Trivium, definitely one my favorite metal albums from the 2000's. Watching TV, just catching up on life. Starting my list of schools, and going to work on personal statement again. Calm before the storm. Rose out.


  1. Sounds like you did alright then! Congrats! Feels good to have it over with? Now comes the waiting part. :)

  2. I found post MCAT to be very anti-climactic. I hope that didn't happen to you, and you've been enjoying yourself. Enjoy your new found freedom, and brace yourself for the shit-storm that is the application process.

    Crossing my fingers for you for that elusive 38!