Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sanity Lost, or, I Know What I Did This Friday Night

Just finished my midterm for Anat'n'Phys. Shadowing yesterday and volunteering day before that. Community service tomorrow (kids soccer, so actually fun). Working on my personal statement (it's coming along finally, found some really great advice on that topic :
/achieve/pstips.html). Oh yeah, and f'ing MCAT in 4 weeks and 0 days. Listening to lots of metal, and also Virtue by Eldar, an amazing amazing jazz pianist who is younger than me. I hate people who are younger than me...

Anyways, depriving myself of sleep. I'm pretty sure, or else the naked green easter bunny sitting across from me playing checkers is real. Damn you naked easter bunny, you win again. Damn you straight to hell...

GF got in to her 3rd med school. I hate people who are younger than me. Time to hit the hay - either that or there really is a naked green easter bunny dry-humping my leg.

Also, if you like listening to things, listen to Paradise Lost by my favorite band, Symphony X. It's progressive metal. It's the tits. And strangely enough, I'm now having hardcore deja vu, triggered by the combination of bunnies, Symphony X, and the could I have possibly combined those in the the future oooohhhh!!!

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