Sunday, March 27, 2011

Epic Win / I miss the Darkness!

This post was supposed to be about how I rocked my last MCAT practice test, and I was going to add that picture of Justin Hawkins giving the thumbs up at the end of the "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" video (which I did not find), but I got totally distracted by how much I miss this band (The Darkness). [sigh...] They were so ultra bomb(astic), and the songwriting was solid. In fact, I now realize that their departure left me Hole Hearted (cough cough Extreme reference), and this Steel Panther kick I've been on is clearly my attempt to fill that hole. To their credit, Steel Panther ARE great at filling holes. They're on Hole Patrol, 24/7 (cough cough Steel Panther album reference).

Anyways, come back Darkness. You clearly need the money - Hot Leg is just OK and Stone Gods (if they are still a band even) bore me to tears.

And yes, I got a 38 on my practice MCAT test on saturday morning, which is tit. We'll see what happens on the real <2 weeks. I should be nervous, but I see it as <2 weeks to freedome (freeeeeedome... cough cough Jimi Hendrix reference. Come back Jimi...)

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