Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Efficient Use of Proprietary Materials

It's 1:15am. Just finished a Bio section and got a 13 = awesome balls! Awesome ones. I need to go to sleep right now, but I'm just too stoked. And you know how I make myself more stoked? With this song. This song makes me want to rock out with my cock out. Perhaps even jam out with my ham out. Rip it up with my... uh... shred out with my...head out?


That was actually really good considering that I am wired. I'm definitely starting a sik metal band in med all I have to do is keep rocking the MCAT so I can get in to med school, so I can start my band, so I can quit med school and be a rock star...

Woot to this Bio Section. Will review how I rocked it tomorrow.


1 week left.

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