Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Today I will be shadowing at an Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) clinic...hmmm. I am excited because a) I have heard about this stuff but have never seen it in action, b) therefore I will learn something new, and c) I have never shadowed a DO, so this will hopefully go a long way towards helping me decide how I feel about DO. It doesnt get any DO'er than OMT clinic.

At the same time, my personal statement needs to be happening, and it's just...not. I wrote a bitching one last time, and now I am having trouble not repeating myself, keeping it fresh. All I need is a stroke of brilliance, an epiphany from on high to descend in to my brain and spill on to paper. I need Zeus to look upon me with adoring, proud eyes, holding back tears as he beholds his most magnificent creation. Then I want to punch him in the nads, collect his tears, and bathe my sheet of paper in them, then allow the paper to dry and develop it under UV light to reveal my personal statement.

I want Chuck Norris to write a personal statement about how much awesomer than him I am. Then I want to plagiarize his statement.


Back to the drawing bored

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