Thursday, March 17, 2011

Steel Fanther

Currently in my ears: Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold (I keep waiting for these guys to put out a sucky album. I keep getting disappointed, although this one is better than their last one).

Currently in my brain: I want to go to UVA med school! It's in a bomb town (Charlottesville, VA), but mostly, the people seem really cool (according to my gf, who got in there, as well as 2 other schools and is trying to decide). To get in to UVA (or anywhere else) I need to rock the balls off the MCAT. Which I can do in theory. 3 weeks and counting. Feeling good...much work still to do.

Currently in my mouth: Coffee. Decaf :(

Currently stuck cycling somewhere between my ears and brain: Steel Panther - Community Property.

Currently on my computer screen: Redraft of my personal statement - it's coming along nicely, but still needs much TLC. Which I dont have time for... or maybe I do if I have time to post on my blog...I need to go.

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