Friday, June 3, 2011

Music Piracy Arrrr!

Music piracy is very very bad. Don't do it. Ever. I'm serious.

Having said that, I am very frustrated at my failed attempts to pirate a new album by a band called Awolnation - album is called Megalithic Symphony. I love finding awesome new music, it gives me a buzz. But the way it usually works is that if you are a nobody band, then you put your first album out there for free. Then I listen to it, and if I become a fan, I buy your subsequent albums. Such is the case for Symphony X - grabbing their next album off the internets will be as easy as pie. Will I do it? Heeelll no. Because I want to give them money so that they make the next one, and so that Nielsen counts my vote for their overwhelming awesomeness.

So I ran in to "Sail" by Awolnation on the radio the other day, and it's awesome. But I haven't heard the whole album, so I can't write a sick review about how sick it is and then have all my thousands of blog readers buy it.

So send me that $hit Awolnation, or else you're ruined!!

In other news, I'm sumbitting my AMCAS very soon -woot!


  1. I just went and listened to some AWOLnation songs on youtube. Congratulations on your good tastes in music.

    Incidentally, does the music video for Kill Your Heroes make you think of Zovirax as well?