Monday, June 6, 2011

I have some language and violence for my advisor. No sex.

Bit of insomnia brought about by my pre-med advisor. I cannot reach this lady. It's crazy. So now I'm trying to go over/around her head. Literally if I lived within 3000 miles of this lady, I'd drive down to her office and camp out till she showed up...which she never does. Ridiculous.

Anyways, I'm up pretty late, got work tomorrow, and spending a lot of time re-evaluating things in terms of where I will be living in the near future. Considering a move to the east coast with the Heavy Metal Vixen. We'll see...

I spent my teenage years in the UK. While I was there, my dirty little love affair with music began. While I was listening to Jimi on my CD player (yeah I'm oldish), the radio was actually playing some damn good stuff. Fat Boy Slim, The Hives, The Vines, and these guys, The Stereophonics. I think they made it over to the States right? Anyways, I'm revisiting some of the brillian Brit Rock (in this case, Wales Rock). Great great album - "Language. Sex. Violence. Other?". Check it out. I've listened to it twice tonight. Aight, Ima try to get some zzz.


  1. Love Brit Rock! Got bitten by the bug after hearing a bunch on the radio while visiting. I'll definitely check out The Stereophonics.

  2. Are you on the west coast now or somewhere in between? The east coast is a great place to train with lots of great options for residency. The latter makes it easier to satisfactorily couples match for residency, too. Snow is a downside if you don't already have it where you are.

    Be careful -- if you move here it's hard to leave even if you (make that me) long for Colorado's mountains, California's farmers' markets, or Yosemite's waterfall lullabies. I'm nearing the end of year 5 and will be here for at least another 3 years barring unexpected change.