Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Latest Goings-On

Ugh where to begin...

1) My scientific paper on a craniofacial syndrome needs to be submitted by Friday. Which means that it has to be written today. Not from scratch, but still.

2) My personal statement for AMCAS/AACOMAS is nearing a final state, but it still needs work before I can submit said AMCAS/AACOMAS. But before THAT, I need my goddamn effin...

3) Committee Letter!!!! This is the source of all my frustration right now. The premed advisor at my undergrad school has gone totally AWOL. Like, I have been trying to reach her for weeks, and she's nowhere to be found. And until she writes me a committee letter, I'm stuck sittin' around with my genoa salami in my hands. Like a frikkin sad little kid with his kite lying on the ground in the middle of a field. Just waitin for a little breeze. I'm not asking for the pre-med advisor to give me a reacharound while she recites Hamlet, just a frikkin letter - ugh!!

Anyways, that is the state of affairs. This weekend, I'm partyin' like it's friday, friday, gittin down on friday...I hate that song so deeply. Axl out.

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