Monday, June 6, 2011


So I accidentally let slip to my co-worker today that I am planning to quit my job before the end of the year...It was awkward because the first thing she said is that I should tell our boss so that she can hire someone else to replace me. Which is true, and I was/am going to give her plenty of warning (its the right thing to do), but now there is some tension between me and my coworker I think. She's super nice, and she's been at this job a lot longer than I have, so I think she has a tank full of loyalty that I really don't. And once someone knows that you're not in it for the long haul, they pull away right? I'm afraid that's going to happen, which is a shame since we have a good rapport.

I hate quitting jobs. When I quit my job in NYC (when I decided to try to get in to med school), the boss was pissed. "You said you were going to stay for x length of time! You can't just quit now! Blah blah blah!" But you know what? I hated that job, so it wasn't so hard to quit. I like my current job, but for a multitude of damn good reasons, I'm not going to do it forever, or even past the end of the year.

Ugh. Unpleasant business.


  1. I know what you mean! I quit my job earlier than I had said in order to go to grad school. Man, the manager ripped me a new one. haha!

  2. Hey hey, you've gotta live your life. It's unfortunate that your boss will need to make other arrangements sooner than he'd planned, but why would an employer want to keep an employee from pursuing his dreams? Surely he knows it's never good to force a person to stay when his heart isn't in it.

    My post-college job interviewers all told me their jobs would be an ideal gateway to med or grad school. They considered it a perk of the job.