Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Math for Pre-Meds: Exciting 4th Edition!

[Expand unless you are a peeping tom looking at this through magnifying binoculars}

So my AMCAS and AACOMAS are submitted, and now I wait for them to be certified and sent out to schools. Then, after the schools have received my primary application, they send me a secondary application to fill out. And guess what happens then? That's right kids! I bend over and say, "Please sir, may I have another?" and send them $100. Each. On top of the $1000 I already spent on the primary applications. Let's do the math kids!

$1000 primary app fee + ($100 secondary app fee x 23 MD schools) + ($100 (or more?) x 4 DO schools) = Axl on the streets blowing people for half a pastrami sandwich.

Ugh...anyways, it is what it is I guess. July is going to suuck. Hate secondaries.

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