Monday, February 28, 2011

Laser Cannon Deth Sentence

5 weeks out - all hands to battlestations!

Title explained: 1) I am currently working on a confocal microscope. 2) It has lasers. And hence probably laser cannons... 3) Trying to stay on top of all my s**t feels like a deth sentence right now. 4) Dethklok rules!

Here's what's going on in my life:

1) MCAT in 5 weeks=4 hours a night, plus all weekend study sessions. Gotten through all the Physics material, still have to finish Bio and Orgo, but not so worried about those two. Starting next weekend, my plan is to complete at least 1 full length AAMC test per week, plus whatever Kaplan has me doing...

2) Personal statement. Needs be be pretty well drafted in the next week so that my premed committee people can write a letter detailing my feats of strength/monsters defeated/cancers cured/D&D rank attained/notes-per-minute capability on guitar. When I'm not studying I'm working on this.

3) Work, where last week I killed a was sad. It involved a guillotine and my bare hands and a pithing needle. I'm not a soft man. I'm a hard, hard man. Hardened even. But this was just...gross. I've killed apprx. 150 mice in my last lab, no problem, but this was just...icky.

4) Goddamn it I need sleep. Cutting it to a strict 6 hours a night. And trying to work out(???)

5) Listening to new Devildriver, Orpheus, and In the Presence of Enemies. Awesome all.

To anybody out there going through all this knee-deep s**t to get to med school, I salute you, and feel your pain. You feel my pain. We all feel much, much pain.

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