Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ride of the midnight rider at night

So on another sleep-related post, I'm actually not going to get any sleep on Friday as planned, due to the fact that there is a Kaplan make-up class on Sat at 9am. It was going to be Monday at 6pm, but then I remembered that Monday is Valentine's day, and that if I were to cancel, my life would be canceled by my gf.

Not really, she's a sweetheart, hehe..(ohgodpleasedonthurtmebaby!). Also, she has had 11 med school interviews this season. That's one-one 11. I know, right? Whatever, I too shall have 11 med school interviews this summer. My cunning plan is to trade my body for interviews - has that been done before? Hmm... perhaps not so cunning as I initially thought...must regroup and come up with a cunninger plan...more on that later.

Anyways, since I can't seem to put together 6 hours in a row for sleep (I know I know all you MD's, you'd kill for 6 hours of sleep. Frankly, I have higher standards), I think I just need to accept it and get in to a rhythm. Starting every night at 10pm, I shall become the midnight rider, charging through the wee hours, my textbooks reflecting the moonlight, my pens a-whirling, my highlighters a-highlightin', my determination striking fear in the eyes of all who behold me...which is no one since it's frikkin the middle of the night.

p.s. I've decided that having a new metal-related image on every post is setting the bar too high. I'm a low-setter (cause I got it like that), so this post simply includes a bad-ass semi-metal post-related image. From this guy, who is pretty sick:

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