Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentimes (Like a Ritual)

It's St. Valentines Day. I'm so excited!! Oh wait, what? It's really all just about the girl? ...oh. And I just have to be nice to her? All day? hmmm.... (grumblegrumble feminine master-gender conspiracy grumblegrumble)

It's cool though. Life is good, getting out of work, going to go create a Valentines Day masterpiece so that I don't get harassed for a whole 'nother year! (Supposedly, last valentines I took her out to dinner, split the bill, didn't get her flowers or a card, bought a bar of chocolate, and ate it myself...allegedly...) This year, I'm gonna make good by - oops! Almost gave it away. You're not figuring it out THAT easy woman!

Happy Valentines Day!

(also, today's blog images are brought to you by the band HIM, whose logo looks like a pentagram AND a heart, so, that's pretty relevant. And speaking of love and pagan rituals, listen to "Like a Ritual" by Winger off of their seminal album "Pull". No, I don't care, Winger rules! Pull is a legit great album...)

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