Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Red Eyes, Long Flies, Empty Guts and Full Butts

I hate those people who are like, "Boo hoo I hate interview season because there is just SO much traveling. I have to go from New York to Boston to LA to Chicago to St. Louis to LA to bla bla bla I have so many interviews every med school is lining up to give me scholarships." And then they post every place they go on facebook. Shut your cake-hole, douche!

So having said that, traveling sucks. I am very very happy to be returning home from my second interview, but I am not very happy to be sitting in the Denver airport at 11pm waiting to catch my red-eye to Newark to connect to a flight to Boston at 6:30am so that I can catch a bus to Metalton, where I won't even have time to go home, and instead will go straight in to a 7 hour shift at the Filthy Gunslinger.
When will I even poop!? When will I eat!? I haven't been in a private area since I checked out of my hotel this morning at 10am, and won't be home till 8pm tomorrow. No changing clothes, no showering, no sleeping, no pooping. (Edit - No, I am not one of those people who can't poop in public, but come on, airports? Do I really need Larry Craig peeping at me through the glory hole while I'm trying to drop a deuce? Come on...)

But the interview at the University in the Desert was great. It was fun being back - I got some good burritos, went to some of my old haunts, and I think the interview went great. As they say, I will only know how great (or not great) it went in a few weeks when I get (or do not get) an acceptance!

Also, I came across this, and just had to share it with you:



  1. LOL... You should start labeling your posts with the word "poop". I'm kind of curious to see how many poop related posts you've written over the lifetime of your blog. :D

  2. I would do that, but I feel like it might take days to comb through all my posts, stopping every time I see the word "poop", perhaps years.