Tuesday, September 6, 2011

If my life were a sandwich...

it would be the awesomest sandwich ever made. Complete with whale penis (why is it that whale penis seems to make everything just that little bit awesomer? If only I knew... I'd start a whale penis farm).

My life is awesome because I have been invited to 4 interviews as of today! Woot! So, my HMV says that I have to be careful with my anonymity (she rightly points out that if an adcom knew about this blog and linked it to me, there could be some awkward questions posed about the awesomeness of whale penises and the like).

So, in order to preserve my anonymity but also share the good news with you, gentle reader, here are the 4 schools that I have been invited to, complete with code-names, embellishments, stretches, and downright lies designed to throw those pesky adcoms off the scent.

Note: once the interview season is over, and if I get in somewhere, I may reveal the secret code that I used and tell you all the actual names of these schools.

1) "School-in-a-dirty-city"

I am very excited to interview at schoolinadirtycity. It's a really cool school, and despite the city's dirtiness, I have a soft spot for this city. The school is actually in a really pretty part of this city, so a yes from these guys would be really awesome. Well, a yes from any school would be awesome, but I would actually be excited to go here.

2) "School-not-too-far-away"

I am excited about this school because it is within a 100 mile radius of Metalton, the non-descript New England town that I call home. The schoolnottoofaraway is in a city that I really really like. HMV interviewed at this school, and had mixed feelings, but hey, she's not at metal as me, so you know, what does she know!

3) "School-in-a-land-far-far-away"

I have never been to the city that this school is in, so I am really excited to visit it. They impressed me with their communication-ness... the lady on the phone was nice to me basically. Which is not always the case with med schools.

4) "School-with-a-hilarious-name"

I mostly like this school because it has an awesome name. Which I guess you can't appreciate due to my unbreakable code... hmmm. Well anyways, this school is near the home of a really good friend of mine, so perhaps there will be hanging out and brews involved with this trip.

That is all for now. All of my interviews are scheduled for the next 6 weeks, so I will be sure to document each interview and report on how awesome-sandwich I was at them. First up, school-in-a-land-far-far-away in a week!

Heeeeere we go!

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