Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chugging along

In my ears today: What if... by Mr. Big. It's actually an awesome album, and the first new one that they have put out in the last 15 years or so. All of these guys are just virtuosos, and they work great together - love it.

Ah life - today I have to prepare for my final Kaplan training, haggle with my boss at the Filthy Gunslinger to make sure I get HMV's White Coat Day off, send my little sister's cards out, and take out the trash. It's a good old life. My life is better than the following:

-Having to work at the Filthy Gunslinger indefinitely (quitting in 9 months woo! It's like a quit-baby!)

-Getting sand down my ass-crack in Iraq. Our troops are the awesomest - I could never do what they do.

-Working behind a desk in NYC answering phones (I've done that - I quit a day before I was going to paint the walls with my brains).

-Living alone in the desert of the Southwest (I had a damn good job, but I would have gone crazy there so far from the people I care about).

-Living at home with my parents...[shudder] - I love my family, but that would be not good. Why is it that whenever you go home, you automatically turn 11 years old again?

So yeah, life is good. My next interview is in exactly a week - back to the American Southwest! Then Philly the week after! Yay!


  1. "Getting sand down my ass-crack in Iraq."

    Lovely visual.

  2. AAAH, I'm freaking 11 years old again!!