Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What...to do....now...?

And now that I have finally gotten in to med school, after months and years of waiting for test scores and secondary applications and interview invites and final decisions and letters in the mail, what am I doing?

Waiting for med school to start, haha!

I have about 7 months to kill, so I figured I should be proactive and use those 7 months for good, or perhaps for evil, but either way I ought to use them. I suppose there are many good and useful things you could do in 7 months:

1) Write a book. It could be the next great American novel. Or perhaps a biography of Ronnie James Dio. I'm pretty sure you could write a full-length book in 7 months.

2) Get pumped like Arnold Schwartzenegger. I bet if you worked out constantly, you could basically get into Mr. Universe shape...

3) Learn to shred. I mean really burn on the electric guitar. Right now, I am like lightning on the old fretboard. My fingers are a blur. But if I practiced hard for 7 months, I could be faster than greased lightning, and my fingers would be invisible.

4) Train my cat Bobbins Chookums Magellan Mouse-Destroyer 3000 to be a circus cat. He will dive through flaming hoops of death in to an 8 ounce cup of water. Or, more likely knowing my cat, he will stare intently at the flaming hoops of death for a few seconds, and then become distracted and/or fall asleep.

5) Train myself for the World Beer-Chugging Championships. True story: the guitar player in my band in college was a national beer-chugging champion. In Ireland, bitch. I didn't believe him at first, so I challenged him. We both poured a pint in to glasses, and on the count of 3, started drinking. 2 seconds later, I had drunk about 1/5 of my pint, and he had finished his. It was a thing of beauty. I've never seen anything like it. He has somehow figured out a way to just open his throat so he can literally pour it in to his stomach. Is that physiologically possible? I don't know. Yes, I guess...

Anyways, yeah. Right now, I just feel like I am killing time at my job at the Filthy Gunslinger. My work is alternately tolerable and mind-suckingly boring. [sigh...] I'll let you know when I select my big project.


  1. 6) Challenge that Japanese guy at the record for "world masturbating champion". Just a thought.

  2. Take the hardest anatomy course you can find (with cadaver lab) if you haven't recently done so. Or physiology. Or medical biochemistry. Can't emphasize enough how happy I was during the preclinical years (and when I took boards) that I majored in biochem & took an anatomy course shortly before med school. You can't change your major, but you can prepare for a subject or two.

    Also, take vacations like there's no tomorrow. Go to Costa Rica. Go to Australia/New Zealand. Go to Colorado/California/Utah.

  3. Haha didn't realize you were accepted! Congrats :D