Saturday, January 14, 2012

Talkin' Snitch and Riding Switch

Someone somewhere on the internet recently posed this question: if someone lies to med school admissions committees about their experiences and then gets an acceptance to med school, do you have a moral responsibility to snitch on them?

Answer = No. Snitching is wrong, and you should mind your own beeswax, and karma will sort them out. Who are you to say what is right and wrong? Maybe fate wanted that person to get in, and didn't mind them bending the truth.


Answer = Yes. This is med school we are talking about. That person will have someone's life in their hands someday. If have no integrity, is that even safe for patients?


Final answer = I guess so, yes. If you know for sure that someone lied or cheated their way in to med school, you should probably say something. Karma may be a bitch, but in my experience, a lazy bitch. I mean, if someone lied or cheated their way in to law school, they should probably get a medal, and will probably graduate at the top of their class lol. But when a doctor takes shortcuts, people die...

In unrelated news, I went ridin' today! As in, snowboarding. The slopes around Metalton finally opened up. I got my board out, waxed that ass, and ripped it up! It was so sweet. The only thing is that I forgot my goggles at home, so I ended up with frikkin ice burn all up on my face. Ouch. But awesome.

Next time, I must get a baclava for my face... Also, Heavy Metal Vixen. Badass snowboarding chica.