Saturday, January 29, 2011

My crazy-ass, bacchanalian saturday night party-fest

It's time to party, Let's party!!
Hang out with yourself and have a crazy party
Hey you, let's party
Have a killer party and Party!

Its almost midnight on a Saturday, and I'm shWASTED!!!!

Wasted on knowledge, that is! That's right, I just spent my saturday night studying the integument and histology of connective and epithelial tissues. Just in time to go to sleep so that I wan wake up and study for the MCAT.

My life is such a party. It's funny how different my Saturday nights are now than they were in college... Ah me. College. A typical saturday night in college ended with me passed out with a nerf dart stuck to my face, sleeping on a pile of unopened juice bottles stolen from a vending machine downstairs.

My top 5 greatest Saturday night moments in college:

5) Climbing the 15-foot polar bear statue at my alma mater at 1am. In the winter. In a state that has a polar bear for a mascot.

4) Taking photos of my roommate who actually managed not only to scale the icy 15-foot polar bear statue but to also maneuver himself on to it's head so as to make it seem that the bear was doing my friend a very special favor.

3) Waking up with Ramen all down my self on a couch on Sunday morning. Frikkin class right there.

2) Completing a self-made treasure hunt (which was still surprisingly hard) with my 3 roomates, the four of us in green face paint and wearing ninja turtle outfits made for 5-year olds. Hilarious. Priceless. On DVD.

1) Oh lord, I dont even know. Peeing on a dumpster? Being duct-taped in to a cold-ass shower with my Polish roommate? Winning a milk-and-OJ-chugging bet with a friend which then required him to fellatio a banana in the dining hall while yelling a particularly hilarious admission to the audience?

So many things to be proud of... And that all is why I am studying for the MCAT instead of studying for my Step 1s! But you know, honestly, I don't know that I would trade it all just to be in med school sooner. You can't buy memories like those. I chose the long way 'round, but I'll get there in the end. I have a plan, and it's unfolding nicely :)

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