Friday, January 28, 2011

♪♪I'm goin off the rai-els on a crazy train!!♪♪

It's Friday woot!! Its been a crazy week. So I am reapplying to med school this summer. To get in, there's a few areas that I need to improve, including my GPA, my MCAT score, and my extracurriculars.


To that end, I have been burning the candles at both ends. I am a lab rat by day, masked crusader by night, hospital volunteer by Wednesday afternoon, MCAT student by night, soccer coach by weekend (in the spring), anatomy student by Thursday morning, and sleeper by night.

And then there's this:

Except in my case, replace Twitter with cruising for flame wars on SDN, and replace facebook with anything but facebook. I really hate facebook... so many people that I just never want to hear from and don't care about. I'm always ABOUT to quit it, and then instead I just whine about it on my blog and come back to it. I just can't quit you baby. I love to hate you.

Anyways, life is tough right about now, but it all comes to a head on April 9th - the day of the MCAT. After that, life shifts down a gear. Till then, it's "every-man-hold-on-to-your-testicles-cause-this-crazy-train-is-goin-balls-to-the-walls" gear...

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