Sunday, November 20, 2011

All the f-ing time in the world

Today is Sunday. Next Thursday is Thanksgiving. I would kill and eat the turkey with my bare hands if I could just hear SOMETHING by thanksgiving. Like, honestly, at this point, a rejection would be better than just waiting and waiting and waiting... It's inhuman is what it is. When I have my own med school, we will meet right after we've interviewed the applicants, decide within 24 hours (because it's not like you are waiting on new information at that point!), and then send notification within 4-5 days of the interview. I mean, really, why does it have to be 6-to-8-to-26 weeks? rrrgls. UVA actually notifies applicants within like a week of their interview. How reasonable - if only some of the schools I interviewed at had as much humanity!

It's just driving me nuts - either my life will be set on a really cool and rewarding course, or else I have to start from square one and figure out wtf I will do with my time on this little rock hurtling through space.

Ugh... yup pretty much going crazy. Creative/enlightening/hilarious blog posts will resume when my mind is not in a constant state of suspended torment.

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  1. you'll be fine. I interviewed in November and didn't hear back until January/February. Even for rejections. Enjoy the holidays and keep rockin!