Thursday, October 27, 2011

NYC, DUMBO-ass trust-babies, and shots! shots! shots!

Off to NYC today, another one of my old stomping grounds. NYC is my favorite city, hands down. It's got everything. However, unless you are rich, it's a tough city too. I lived out in the slums across the East River from Manhattan (not that all of Brooklyn and Queens are slums, just most of it. F U trustfund babies in DUMBO and Williamsburg...bitter much? Yes.) And even in the slums, the rent was so high that I shared a room with a friend of mine. Not an apartment, or a studio apartment, a room. And let me tell you, you don't know a man until you have lived on top of him... wait... You don't know a man until you've smelled his post-workout... hmm... is there any way to make this sound more gay? Apparently not....

Anyway, when I lived there, I worked in... I don't even know how to describe it. Is "hellish ass-dungeon" too kind a word? I mean, it was literally a windowless room in downtown manhattan. I must have been the only chode working in a skyscraper in Manhattan who didn't see a sliver of sunlight throughout the day... If I had had a cubicle, at least I would have had some privacy / my own space. In said windowless room, I answered the phones for 40 hours a week, and did "market research" at my computer for a further 20 hours a week. That blew, not because of the hours (which DID blow), but because I was doing jack shit with my life. It was so depressing to leave work everyday knowing that you had done literally NOTHING important all day. Not a single thing I did improved or even changed anyone's life in the slightest.

THAT is the point at which I decided to become a doctor. That was almost 4 years ago. Since then, everything I have done has been to get to where I want to be: med school. It has been a crazy journey, and tomorrow, I have my 5th interview, at which point I technically should be well ahead of the odds in terms of ONE of these schools offering me a place in the class of '16. But until I get to that point, it's all up in the air. And I know better than to count eggs. Fuck eggs, count chickens!

Some of the schools that I interviewed at a month ago are starting to send word out, and I haven't heard jack yet... I'm starting to feel a knot in my stomach. If it doesn't work out again this year, well, it'll be another epic journey to wherever my ass lands next. If I DO get in, well, it'll be a fucking party up in Metalton!

P.S. Last night I went out a-drinkin with friends from work. I have to say that, while my work at the Filthy Gunslinger is a little boring, the people that I work with make the job fun, and make me look forward to going in to work every day. Crazy kids... shots! shots! shots! shot-shot-shots!

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