Sunday, April 8, 2012

So hatredy.

The latest goings on:

1) I am accepted to a sweet med school in Boston. As of now, I plan to matriculate there in August.

2) I am waiting to hear back from a top-tier Ivy League ultra-fancy-pants med school here in Metalton. Should they offer me a spot, I would have a tough decision on my hands. Should they offer me a waitlist, well then shit, this thing could drag out all summer. Speaking of summer...

3) I will be in Filthadelphia for the summer! I will be doing research in West Philly in June and July. It'll be sad to be away from Heavy Metal Vixen and Bobbins Magellan Mouse-Destroyer 3000, but it beats the snot out of pouring coffee and pole dancing at the Filthy Gunslinger all summer long. That pole can get real slick in the summer months... downright dangerous.

4) Latest music discoveries include Angel Vivaldi (thanks broseph!), Foxy Shazam (a retro Freddy Mercury clone, on top 40 radio of all places!) and of course, BATTLECROSS! So metal. So awesome. So hatredy.

That's the latest goings on. 8 weeks left at The Filthy Gunslinger, and counting.

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  1. DOOD, I saw Foxy Shazam. They opened for the Darkness!